Recently Google launched a bunch of next generation hardware, out of which the show stoppers were the Pixel 2 brothers. The hardware and the software duo on the two smartphones is commendable, and Google tried to steal the limelight with “the highest rated camera on a smartphone”. Rated by DxOMark! We have been hearing about DxOMark camera ratings since the past few flagships were crowned over and again as “the highest rated camera”.

DxOMark is a testing and consultancy firm, which means it tests the smartphone cameras extensively on one hand, on the other it goes on advising the smartphone manufacturers to calibrate their cameras to provide an overall better camera experience or maybe to get a higher rating on the DxOMark scale, there is a blur line to it.


The tests performed by DxOLabs cover all possible areas of photography with extensive testing in real life indoor and outdoor conditions. Taking account of smartphone camera, rating is divided into two parts, Photo and Video, which are further divided into various categories.

The scores aren’t the average of all the fields, there are weights assigned to each field by DxOMark itself, which makes the final rating/score quite misleading. A feature such as zoom is scaled to be 32 on Google Pixel 2, where as it is rated 66 for Galaxy Note 8, so for a person who takes portrait shots more often the Galaxy Note 8 is better than the Pixel 2, but if he follows the DxOMark ratings he would go for the Pixel 2 because it is rated higher.

One more fact to be considered, the DxOMark rating for Google Pixel 2 is 98, but these ratings aren’t out of 100, so there is no such thing as near perfect camera, these ratings get better and better and in the coming future we’ll see smartphones crowned as “world’s first smartphone with 100 on DxOMark”.

Companies advertise the single final numeral provided by DxOMark to be the ultimate camera performance score, pretty cool right? But the number is quite deceptive and must be broken down as it is on the DxOMark website to get a better peek into the aspects of camera!