Coding Period GSoC'22 | Week 1

According to the schedule, the Google Summer of Code 2022 Coding Period began on June 13th. With the completion of 1st week, I'm posting this blog with my accomplishments and future plans.

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Community Bonding Period GSoC'22

About GSoC Coding Period

After a three-week community bonding time, the GSoC coding period begins, during which we (contributors) work on our projects for 11 weeks or longer, completing milestones and receiving feedback from mentors at the halfway and final weeks of the programme.

Work done in this week(13th - 19th June)

Started this week by adding tests for decoders and plexers and then for miscellaneous elements and lastly for Sequential Elements(Flip Flops) for CircuitVerse Simulator.

Pull Requests

Added tests for simulator decoders and plexers

Added tests for simulator misc elements

Added tests for simulator sequential elements


Gained a better understanding of the JEST-testing library.

Acquired knowledge of best-practices to follow when writing code.

While creating the test suite, I learnt a lot about the CircuitVerse simulator, which helped me understand more about circuits and basic ideas.

What Next

I'll keep working on same, and hoping to finish the simulator┬átesting work by the end of the second week ­čÄ».


So that wraps up my first week of coding, and I'm excited to continue learning with CircuitVerse. ­čÜÇ