Coding Period GSoC'22 | Week 2 + 3

I'll be sharing my progress for weeks 2 and week 3, GSoC'22 coding period, in this blog post, which is a part of a series on my GSoC'22 progress path...

These two weeks were full of fun and learning new things, it was begin with adding the tests for combinational analysis, bit converters, sub-circuits, and force gates in the second week.

On Saturday, June 25th, we joined a weekly meeting in which all mentors and contributors participated. During this meeting, we contributors presented our work and received guidance from the mentors.

As we entered the third week, me and my mentor decided to review our plans and begin with the second task, which is the import and export of circuitFiles.

Work done(Week 2 + Week 3)

The second task, import and export of circuitFiles, is now being taken on, as the Simulator Testing task is almost finished 🎯.


Link to Pull Request's

Added tests for bitConvertor

Added tests for Combinational Analysis

Added tests for subCircuits

Added tests for Force-gate

Feat: Import and Export of CircuitFiles

What Next...?

We will focus on updating the documentation for simulator testing and completing the importing and exporting of circuitFiles during the next few weeks.

That's all for now; this series will go on.