Coding Period GSoC’22 | Week 4 + 5

This blog is about my progress for week 4 and Week 5. I implemented the import and export of circuit-files and Mobile Touch Compatibility tasks.

Work Done(Week 4 + Week 5)

These two weeks were full of fun and learning new things. It began with the completion of the import and export of circuit-files task. In the fifth week of the coding period, I and Aman started working on the Mobile Touch Compatibility task. We also had a meeting with mentors to discuss about the Touch Compatibility task.

Open Pull Requests

Added Tests for Force-Gate

Fix: Testing of CombinationalCircuits on UI

Completed Mobile Touch compatibility

What Next…?

We will complete the Mobile Touch Compatibility task and will fix the codeClimate issues .

After completing the above tasks, we will start with my next task which is custom alert and prompt dialog boxes 🎉.

That’s all for now; stay tuned for more updates😉.