A place where you can explore, make network and get guided from the experts.

Most young grads have a lot of hunger to learn but without any direction, it undermines their effort and some even relatively lose their direction. An easy way to abridge this would be to have a platform or an open application that can bring the people from corporate as well as colleges together.



Facial recognition is a way of identifying or confirming an individual's identity using their face

There are two type of detection (in this project) first, image based detection, read image data > train model and recognized faces. second, there is Live face detection, which first read live image data through web cam and train model and recognize different person faces


Instagram Clone

Instagram Clone with feed , Post ,comment features

Instagram Clone with feed , Post ,comment features



Online File Compressor in which anyone can compress and make zip files.

A online File compressor which take files from user(upload) and can compress or make zip files


Blood Connect

The Gift of Life

BloodConnect is an initiative which can help you in finding a person who has the blood group that you need and can really help you in times when someone who wants to, can’t. Wish that no one needs this but in case as you know ideal things does not exist, if anyone needs ,you can be very helpful to that anyone.


Covid-19 Tracker

A react project that track the covid-19 cases worldwide (using api)

This project provide real-time covid-19 cases with Graphical representation and vaccines details using api


React Blogging

A place where you can publish your blogs

A MERN stack project with User Authentication, Blog Posting, Update User Profile, Editable Blog Posts


Frontend Games

A repository with 5 awesome frontend Games

GitHub Repository with 5 awesome frontend games - Dino-Hunt , Simon Game, Snake Game, Rythm beats, Rock and Roll - using HTML, CSS , JS , JQuery


Frontend Animations

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A github repository with awesome frontend animations


React Food Order App

Online Food ordering App with Cart Feature

A MERN stack project, where user can order food online by adding food in his cart and then checkout to place order